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On 1 and 2 April, we contributed to and took part in two events organised in Catania, «Uniti per l’Autismo».
At Piazza Scammacca , a new device ‘Liar’ was presented. It is a tablet’ software with the function of facilitating all persons within the autistic spectrum disorder or with learning and communication problems.

1 April – ‘A Tea in the Square for Autism’
Autism from a literary perspective was discussed with the Vicolo Stretto Bookshop, with Dr Marika La Rocca and Dr Federica Campanella. Together with the participants (parents and professionals), the books presented on the topic of autism were discussed.

2 April – «United for Autism» World Autism Day
Presentation of the LIAR communication device, a communication facilitation tool for people with autism, which will be permanently placed in Piazza Scammacca as a tool for daily use. LIAR will be adapted to the needs of the reality of the square to facilitate, in the first instance, the ordering process, providing the possibility for persons with communication disorders to use a digital menu to facilitate the choice of a meal.

2 of April – Video people with ASD tell their stories
We created and sent a video in which people with ASD tell their stories. This video was then aired on the regional network TeleColor at the television.

4 of April – Television report
Television report on the regional network Telecolor on autism spectrum disorder by Dr. Federica Campanella, Pedagogist, Behavioural Analyst and specialist in Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Dr. Luigi Mazzone, Neuropsychiatrist and Professor at Tor Vergata University in Rome.

Here’s the link : kUoqaGP85t_IZjDiQWLjhswJDDFvw0MMqEUzDB9OgOiK0CEgY 

4 of April – Seminar focused on autism
Seminar organised with the University of Catania focused on autism spectrum disorder with professionals and professors of Univerity. On behalf of Cooperativa Controvento the speakers were Dr Martina Nucifora and Dr Daniele Mazzeo.