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Belgian Brain Council

Project Coordinator

The 3 basic missions of the Belgian Brain Council are:

  1. To inform and educate the general population about the brain and its disorders.
  2. To lobby for an increase of financial and other resources for basic and clinical neuroscience research.
  3. To support the activities of its members and foster cross-talks between them, promoting patients’ empowerment in the management of brain disorders and related public health policies.

Laurence Ris

Roland Pochet

Gianni Franco

Fundación Miradas (ES)

Project Partner

Fundación Miradas is an organisation oriented to the care and protection of people with autism and their families. Its main objectives are, among others, to protect people with any kind of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), to help them to minimise its effects, and to exercise all kinds of actions in defence of the rights of the people under its guardianship, trusteeship or representation.

Another of the priorities of the Foundation is the development of all initiatives that promote awareness, study and research of people with ASD.

    Miguel Gómez

    María Merino

    Rodrigo Arnáiz

    Marta Arroyo

    Greek Carers Network EPIONI (GR)

    Project Partner

    Greek Carers Network EPIONI is a national non-profit organization established in 2016 by a group of citizens who are caregivers or former caregivers. We aim to support individuals who work as informal, unpaid carers of family members or friends struggling with a physical or mental illness, disability or addiction.
    EPIONI activities include organizing informative events, providing information about health issues, sharing good practices for the benefit of carers and providing carers with practical advice and emotional support.
    To materialize its vision for carers in Greece, EPIONI is also actively involved in promoting key policy changes through national and EU legislation.

      Spyridon Zormpas

      Fokion Dimitriadis

      Latvian Autism Association (LT)

      Project Partner

      The Latvian Autism Association was founded on 1 October 2006. Its aim is to protect the rights and interests of people with autism and to improve public awareness in Latvia. It is the biggest Autism organisation in Latvia providing different kind of support to persons with autism, their families and caregivers, educational institutions, municipalities and state organizations.

        Liga Berzina

        Società cooperativa sociale Controvento ONLUS (IT)

        Project Partner

        Cooperativa Sociale Controvento Onlus promotes the culture of diversity though the realization of a wide range of activities, such as:

        • Socio-educational activities for children with psycho-social problems or disabilities.
        • Educational paths for autonomy (personal, social and external) addressed to youngsters with intellectual disability and autism.
        • Projects to promote youngsters with disabilities’ independent living.
        • Work integration paths for disabled or disadvantaged people.
        • Educational paths for minors; support and advice for families.