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The Care4Autism Kick-off Meeting was held at the Fondation Universitaire in Brussels. The meeting aimed to bring together partner organizations from Belgium, Greece, Italy, Latvia, and Spain to present their resources and implementation strategies for the Care4Autism project. 

The meeting began with a warm welcome and check-in conducted by the Belgian Brain Council. Participants introduced themselves and ensured that all necessary arrangements were in place for the meeting to proceed smoothly. 

Following the check-in, each partner organization had the opportunity to present their respective organizations, resources, and strategies for implementing the Care4Autism project. This allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities and approaches of each partner. A PowerPoint presentation was delivered to provide an overview of the project. The presentation covered the targets, objectives, methodologies, and expected outcomes of the Care4Autism project. 

Participants engaged in a fruitful discussion and clarification session to address any queries or concerns, ensuring a shared understanding of the project’s direction. 

During the meeting, Radka MAXOVÁ, a member of the European Parliament belonging to the Intergroup Children’s Rights au PE, communicated important information regarding the project. This input from a representative of the European Parliament added valuable insights to the discussions. 

Mikhail Kissine from ACTE-ULB, an associated partner, gave a presentation that further enriched the meeting. His expertise and perspective contributed to the overall understanding of the project and its potential impact. 

After the presentations, participants took a break for lunch at the Fondation Universitaire. This provided an informal setting for networking and building relationships among the partner organizations. The post-lunch session focused on discussing good practices for autism education in Europe. 

Frederic Destrebecq, the CEO of the European Brain Council, delivered a presentation on this topic. His expertise shed light on effective approaches and initiatives that could be implemented to enhance autism education in Europe. 

During this session, the launch of CEAN (Centre d’Evaluation Autisme Namur/Luxembourg) by A.P.E.P.A was confirmed. This announcement highlighted an important development in the field of autism evaluation and support. 

The meeting continued with discussions on the Good Practices Guide, Autism Day 2022 activities in Belgium, Italy, Greece, and Latvia, and the communication strategies of Care4Autism. These discussions allowed for the sharing of experiences and ideas among the partner organizations, fostering collaboration and synergy. 

A summary of the activities to be performed, along with a timeline and expected results, was presented. This comprehensive overview provided a clear roadmap for the future steps of the Care4Autism project. 

Additionally, the participants discussed and planned the dates for the next meetings. 

The Care4Autism Kick-off Meeting in Brussels successfully brought together partner organizations to share their strategies and resources for the implementation of the project. The meeting fostered collaboration, open dialogue, and a sense of shared purpose among the participants. With a strong foundation established, the partner organizations are well-equipped to proceed with the project’s activities and work towards improving autism education and support in Europe.

Agenda of the meeting