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On the occasion of the World Autism Day, Epioni is organizing an informative event entitled “Living with Autism – Good Practices for Adults with Autism” on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at 14:00 CET. The focus is on the need for patients and their families to use modern technologies in order to get better support.

The webinar on April 5, 2022 will be held with the support of the Laboratory of Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Department of Public and Community Health, University of West Attica.

The online event will host key experts such as psychiatrist Stella Stathoulopoulou who will talk about the healthcare system and services for people with autism in Denmark. Ms Xenia Balli, Secretary of the Autism Society of Kastoria, will analyse the relationship between people with autism and technology. Then, Mrs. Irini Kladou, President of the Association of Parents and Friends of Autistic People of Rethymnon, and Mr. Pavlos Melissinos, Director of Parents and Friends of Autistic People of Rethymnon, will address the important issue of the transition to adulthood and the prospects of professional integration. Furthermore, Ms. Sofia NikolaouSpecial Educator and Ms. Eleni Dracopoulou, Developmental Psychologist from the Panhellenic Association of Adapted Activities ALMA, will refer to the Erasmus+ Inclusive Digital Academy (IDA) Programme and specifically to the strengthening of digital skills of adults with disabilities. Finally, Ms. Anastasia Varsamopoulou, Psychologist, Social Theologian and Specialist in Neurodevelopment, will speak about the INPP therapeutic programme, the rehabilitation of neuro-developmental deficits and learning difficulties of Asperger’s – Autism Syndrome.

We thank the Belgian Brain Council, Autism Latvia, Miranda Foundation, Controvento Catania and the European Brain Council for the constructive cooperation within the Erasmus+ project “Care4Autism”. The action is co-funded by the European Union.